At Bacchus we have all the ideas and products needed to build a successful and attractive wine storage system, whether for private or commercial use.

We are wine enthusiasts first followed by experts in the storage of wine. Our storage and racking systems give you the option to mix and match to suit any layout.

Wine lovers throughout the UK are enjoying using our storage systems knowing that their bottles are well kept, easily accessible and correctly stored.

You do not need a traditional cellar to have a proper storage system. The CAVE4wine range is versatile enough to fit in anywhere, a small box room, end of garage, even under the stairs.

We can also bring our experience in temperature control to the supply of temperature conditioning systems to suit existing or new cellars.

Roger Gillett

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I would like to welcome our existing friends and new customers to our updated web site. We are wine enthusiasts who know the best way to storing wine. We do not keep masses of wine paraphernalia but just the major range of CAVE4wine storage bins, simple, light weight wire racking and cellar cooling systems. Soon we will be extending our selected range of special wines as well!

The Stone Cellar Company

'I am pleased to say that I am now an agent for The Stone Cellar Company, I can advise on storing wines in this compact underfloor/underground system. Just phone for information'

I Really would like a wine cellar!

We recently had a discussion with a few visitors here at our premises who were joining us for a wine tasting; and the inevitable question came up ……”Roger I would really like to have a wine cellar at home, just like the one you have”

They went on to describe what they had in mind; probably to store 400/500 bottles. These would be good quality wines for laying down as well as for everyday drinking. They wanted something practical and good looking, and did not want to spend a fortune!

Were they asking too much?

Absolutely not!

Our new system will fit the bill giving a good looking cellaring system that’s economical and effective.

As a starter, all you need is a corner of a shed, garage or room that allows you to form an enclosure with the internal measurements of approximately (L 6 ft. x W 4 ft. x H 7 ft.) L.1900mm x W.1200mm x H.2000mm, and also recommend you form a vapour proof barrier with insulation, plus a cladding of choice.

You can then install our CAVE4wine system which would provide storage for approximately 460 bottles and also offer excellent thermal balancing qualities to help stabilise the temperature. Remember the better the insulation the greater the temperature moderating effect!

Add to this two small fans one to supply and one to extract set to operate at say between 3.00am to 5.00am, i.e. using the coolest of the 24 hour day. These and the insulation will work to keep the cellar at a lower temperature. This from experience of our own cellar will provide a worthwhile compromise and in the future if you want to upgrade a chiller can easily be fitted.

Yours Roger Gillett

An ‘old chestnut’ - cork v’s screw-top

The screw-top is here to stay - 1

Firstly the screw-top; it is an excellent closure for our daily wine, like many others I find I can have a bottle lasting a week with very little deterioration and if I wish to have two bottles open allowing a glass of white followed by a glass of red it works just fine. They are also very useful at picnic time being so easy to reseal and carry without spillage.

The corkscrew is here to stay - 1

I have always felt the true proper cork is maligned because there is no comparison with the cheap reconstituted or short corks. The 1.75/2 inch cork that still allows that wonderful ritual of removing the cork, may this last forever. Storing wines on their side so the cork is kept flooded would never be the same with shiny metal tops showing. Please let us protect those wonderful oak-cork trees in Spain and Portugal along with all wild life that relies on the environment of these forests.

Result 1 - 1

Square Bottles!!

The next thing I am told, is us wine lovers will have to face is plastic square bottles. These would allow a greater amount of liquid to be shipped using the same amount of space.

Whether we end up with a shorter bottle and same capacity, the same height bottle with approx 95cl or a completely new dimension and capacity, I’m sure it will be decided by someone who has no connection with the wine trade whatsoever.

So you can now look forward to the sommelier unscrewing the square plastic container to pour the wine for you to try; what a wonderful start to that romantic evening you planned.

Renaissance of The Loire October 2009

'My enthusiasm for the Loire and in particular the Savenierres, which in fact I visited over 17 years ago, is taken up in a recent Jancis Robinson article currently on her excellent web site.

Domaine du Closel is the producer I used to visit all those years ago and where I learnt a lot from the Mother of Evelyne de Pontbriand. At that time it was hard to penetrate the market with Savenierres back 17 years ago but I am delighted to see the tide has turned. I hope to have a selected tasting in due course of these fine wines.

Roger Gillett

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