Our latest product, CAVE4wine is designed to give the appearance of a traditional cellar as found in many period houses throughout Britain. it will look good in any suitable situation.

Made in England from natural, Cotswold stone composite, with additives for greater thermal efficiency. The finish is light stone coloured and its construction assists in stabilizing temperature, humidity and vibration, so giving the best storage environment for your wines.

We have designed this to take from 12 to 44 bottles depending on the style of bottle.

Please note, CAVE4wine is a hand cast product using natural materials, there is likely to be small colour variations and minor casting losses, which add to its rustic appearance.


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The CAVE4wine system is made up from just six shapes with only four pieces required when using single or double depth individually. Single and double bottle depth can be used together, giving the system great variations in capacity for different lengths and heights.

The stone colour and appearance is similar to the traditional cellars found in Georgian and Victorian houses, a tried and tested format used over many years. CAVE4wine is made from Bath stone, white cement, fine sand, Perlite and a bonding. Perlite is a natural amorphous volcanic glass sourced from many locations with Greece followed by China as the main suppliers, it expands up to 16 times its original volume making it very light and excellent insulation and an ideal material used in the manufacturer of CAVE4wine.

The benefits of CAVE4wine are good thermal and humidity properties, plus being a firm solid construction, vibration is almost eliminated. Bottles placed in the system are virtually out of any direct light and in most the installation is in a location of darkness.

If a different colour is required this can be arranged against a sample although exact matching may be difficult, there is an additional cost of approximately 15%. It is not recommended that the system is painted as this will reduce the effect of the humidity control and add an unnecessary attendance to product that is maintenance free.

All deliveries are on a pallet and to a hard level surface accessible for a 7.5 tonne tail-lift lorry, it is important to advise any difficulty in getting access to a drop-off location.

Installation of the CAVE4wine system is very simple, but it is essential that there is a level base to start from. Any re-enforcing used is in stainless steel and the simple pins used to give location are in 6mm plastic rod.

We do offer an installation service if required, cost depends on the location.