Gallery of recent projects

'A Little Goes a Long Way'

This compact little cellar is in a small annexe to our client's house, attached to his garage.Despite the space available we were able to fit in a good quantity of CAVE4wine system. Note the walls have been insulated with panels to help stabilise the temperature, without the need for cooling. Once all is in place he will have a good looking and verstaile storage system!

Roger Gillett

'Here we show the start of a cellar fit out with CAVE4wine. The situation is a partially underground ex coal/coke store in a country house. The situation is of course ideal as ambient is on average about 50F. The CAVE4wine system offers the ability to fit corners and offers two sizes of bins for flexible storage.

In a situation where the temperature does fluctuate we can, of course, offer insulation advice and a chiller/cooler system.

Roger Gillett