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‘Build your home with Lafite Rothschild!’

I note in the London papers only yesterday, 16th Sept.2010

That there was conflicting views about the value of wine as an investment not keeping up with house prices.

The Fine Wine Investment Fund robustly defends this assertion arguing that on a historic basis there is almost no evidence of a link between the two markets and that fine wine has massively outperformed residential propriety.

Apparently the average UK residential property in 1983 was worth 89 cases of Ch. Lafite Rothschild, but is now worth a little under 5!

Perhaps it will be one to one soon

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Renaissance of The Loire October 2009

The late Autumn sunshine saw us bowling down one of those splendidly deserted French roads, sentineled by whispering poplars, on the way to a short break near Amboise on the Loire.

Obviously, as we were staying with friends, we used the opportunity to go out for a rather special meal, and at my suggestion they allowed me to choose the wine for each course from the Loire region. There were one or two who frowned at this decision but they kindly relented and allowed me to be their guide.

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Russian Nectar, March 2010

Several years ago a pal who seemed to spend most of his life flying around the world, gave me a bottle wine with the comment 'you won't have this one in your cellar'. He was right!

It was Russian and in the cellar it rested until a couple of weeks ago; the occasion was my birthday and looking for something different I reached for this oddity with an unpronounceable name and a wax sealed cork.

It certainly had the appearance of a dessert wine and once the wax and miserable 3/4 inch cork were removed it proved to be just that.

Just a little taster was tried with the pudding, it was delicious; this left a good 4/5ths of the bottle which I took sleeved to a friend's lunch party the following week.

Bread and butter pudding was one of the desserts so the wine was carefully poured into eight glasses, next was the 'wow' factor as the table tasted the wine and then an inquest to what the wine was and where it might have come from.

Nobody got it right but all enjoyed this 'Russian nectar' - Kokyp : Maccahapa 1967

Austrian Report

Customers cannot be wrong. Recently we supplied an Austrian Pinot Blanc wine from Familie Prielier to just four clients who requested we look for something special. They all repeated their order and told their friends. Now we have seven customers all waiting for the 2008 vintage. It is a beautifully made wine, with well balanced fruit and acidity, an exciting alternative.

A further ten cases have been ordered in March 2010.

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South American Tasting October 2009

Again we held one of our in house tastings where old friends and new joined us to sample an interesting collection of South American wines.

I was delighted at the consistent quality of the wines even though the sale price did not go above £11.00.

Of the whites the very simple and honest Sauvignon Blanc by Chalten from Patagonia was very popular, as was the Chilean, Unwooded Chardonnay from Echeverria. The surprise was a delicious white Torrontes showing all its Galician character from Don David. A blend of Chardonnay/Viognier was not so well received, except for a couple of fans.

With the reds the following grape varieties were represented- Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Merlot, Malbec, Pinot Noir and a very popular Chilean Carmenere. The top red was a Gran Reserva Merlot from Patagonia.


Private Burgundy Tasting - May 2009

At a recent private tasting of eight mid-range Burgundy white wines to just 9 guests, the outstanding star was the Pouilly Fuisse Prestige- Domaine Ferrand 2006. This represented 45% of the wines ordered. Specialist wine tastings can be organised such as the above for small or large groups.

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