Ever so often we are able to offer general wine ephemera and books, keep a watch on this page as we will update when we have new additions.

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Just one of the labels we have for sale;

Books and Maps

Lot 1

The Book of Wine Antiques

Robin Butler & Gillian Walkling, First Edition 1986 Reprinted 1987, cw dust cover- vg condition


Lot 2

Deuxieme Partie, Les Grands Vins de Bourgogne

Twelve loose pages 24cm x 19cm C1920, Illusrations & photographs of Hospices, de Beaune and other interesting wine related pictures.

Two old photograpghs, one of a picker with a wicker panier on his back & a small barrell in his hand, The second photo is a view through an arch of a bldg.

A Guide to the Vineyards and Domains of Burgundy

Michel Pierre Roux, Pierre Poupon & Pierre Forgeot First Ed. 1973 -175 pages Publivin Dallas Texas, Text in English, Hard-back vg cond- numerous wine bottle labels illustrated.


Lot 3

Chateaux du Medoc

Yan de Siber - text in French- 152 pages 30cm x 20cm- There is a full page sketch of the chateau and on the facing page the label is illustrated - 69 Chateaux- vgc


Lot 4

Jerez de la Frontera

Banco de Vizcaya Printed 1957, cardback 20cm x 28cm 88 pages of information and photos, 1 folded map 35cm x 52cm, 4 pages coloured charts, 58 pages of coloured bottles labels. A very informative book on Sherry and its history.


Lot 5

A Contemplation of Wine

H Warner Allen, 1st Ed 1951, 232 pages Hardback without dustcover. Pages are clean and in vgc.


Lot 6

Through the wine glass

H Warner Allen, 1st Ed, 1954, 244 pages, Hardback cw dustcover shows some wear, pages in vgc.


Lot 7

Notes on a Celllar-Book

George Saintsbury, Reprint 1920, 232 pages, Hardback rough-cut edges to clean pages.


Lot 8

Chats about wine

C E Hawker, Reprint 1910, Presentation copy by Berry Bros & Rudd, 153 pages, Hardback- clean pages


Lot 9

Viniana,Charles Walter Berry 1st Ed, 1929, Hardback 141 pages. Clean pages


Lot 10

In search of wine

Charles Walter Berry 1st Ed 1935, Hardback 389 pages. Clean pages


Lot 11

Pop-up Wine Book

Hugh Johnson 1st Ed 1989, Paper design by Ron Van der Meer, Six amazing pop-ups all refering to wine. Includes loose dail wine to food match


Lot 12

A Book of Burgundy

Text by Pierre Poupon & Pierre Forgeot, Over 30 original lithographs by Denis Mathews, Introduction by Andre Simon,Hardback in hard sleeve. All pages in vgc.


Lot 13A

Wine in Shakespear's Days and Shakespear's Plays

Andre Simon 1st Ed 1964 Hardback 36 pages, Clean pages


Lot 13B

By Request

Andre Simon 1st Ed 1957 Hardback 180 pages, Clean pages


Lot 13C

The Wine & Food Menu Book

Andre Simon 1st Ed 1956 Hardback/dustcover, 377 pages. Clean pages


Lot 13D

Wine Primer

Andre Simon 10th impression 1953 151 pages, Clean pages


Lot 13E


Andre Simon 1st Ed 1948 Hardback/dustcover, 272 pages. Aged but clean pages


Lot 13F

Bottlescrew Days

Andre L Simon 1st Ed 1926 Hardback 274 pages, Clean pages


Lot 13G

The Art of Good Living

Andre L Simon 2nd Impression 1929, Hardback 201 pages aged but good condition


Lot 13H

In Vino Veritas

Andre L Simon 1st Ed 1913 Hardback 203 pages, Well used with fogging on unprinted pages.


Lots 13

A - H Eight books

All 8 No. books by Andre Simon


Lot 21

Wines & Castles of Spain

T A Layton 1st Ed 1959 Hardback 246 pages, Clean pages


Lot 22

Wayward Tendrils of the Vine

Ian Maxwell Campbell, 1948 - first printed in 1947 in an edition of 750. Aged but all pages are clean.


Lot 23

The Englishman's Wine The story of Port

Sarah Bradford 1st Ed 1969 Hardback/dustcover, 208 pages vgc


Lot 24

Vinegrowing in Britain

Gillian Pearkes 2nd Rev Ed 1969, Hardback/dustcover vgc


Lot 25

The true drunkard's delight

William Juniper 2nd Impression 1933, Hardback 375 pages. Clean pages


Lot 26

The severn ages of Justerini's 1749-1949

Dennis Wheatley signed by author 2nd reprint, 1957 Hardback 87 pages Some aging all pages, clean


Lot 27

A Book of French Wines

P Morton Shand Rev & enlarged edition 1960, Padded hardback 414 pages. Clean pages


Lot 28

Vineyards of France

Paintings & drawings by Keith Barnes, Text by J M Scott Hardback/dustcover, 163 pages. Many coloured illustrations.


Lot 29

The wines and winelands of France

Geological journeys under the direction of Charles Pomerol English1989 translation based on the 2nd edition 1984-6. Different authors are listed for the various areas of France. Hardback pages are clean.


Lot 30

Champagne- The wine the land and the people

Patrick Forbes Hardback/dustcover 492 pages, First published 1967 4th impression 1979 vgc


Lot 31

1 No. An extract from the work entitled-
The Grand Wines of Burgundy (Cote D'Or) by M.R.Danguy (in English)

Published by Herrail-HuberDijon
Printed by V.Darantiere 1893
165 x 255
6 prints with tissue titled cover sheets
2 folded prints
1 coloured - Carte des Grands Vins de Bourgogne (approx. 250 x 1370)
Makes a very interesting wall piece. £55.00

Lot 32

1 No. Louis Larmat- Atlas de France Vinicole, Les Vins de Bordeaux - Exemplaire No. 72
Le 15 Juin 1949 - Complete with original coloured maps
(16 No.) six are folded, one is glossy & photograghs (24 pages) & Print (1)
All maps in original condition
Approx 245 x 315 - many uncut pages
Text in French, English, German & Italian £380.00

Lot 33

1 No. Louis Larmat- Atlas de France Vinicole, Les Vins de Bourgogne
Le 20 Novembre 1952 - Complete with original coloured maps (9)
(9 No.) four are folded, five are glossy, & photographs (30 pages)
All maps in original condition
Approx 245 x 315 - many uncut pages- Two of the maps unfold to a larger
Text in French, English, German & Italian £240.00

Lot 34

1 No. Roger Tisserand- Images de Bourgogne ( Signed by the author 26/10/1946 )
Illusrations de Henri Gros du Photo-Club Bourguignon
Michel Jeanniard : artiste-decorateur
Dijon: Imperimerie Darantiere- M.CM.XLIII
Exemplaire No. 207
Contains 95 printed photographs relating to Bourgogne with many showing
the various phases of wine i.e. vineyards and the people who work in them.
Condition -used and has repair to cover, contents unaffected.£55.00

Handwritten letters 1860-1907

Chas Bottim, White Harts Hotel, Newmarkets. March 11th 1860
J.S.Smith, Druce & Co, Phoenix Distillery, Mile End, London. Aug 7th 1907
Law's Peach Bitters Co, 110 Cheapside E.C., London Office July 14th 1904

Typed letters 1901-1910

Hans Irvine & Co, Dowgate Hill, Cannon Street, London E.C. May 4th 1910 Irvines Australian Wines
The Wine & Spirit Trade Record, 59 Mark Lane, London E.C. March 8th 1901
Geo. G. Sandeman. Sons & Co. 20 St Swithins Lane, London January 1889 Re-introduction of Canary Wine- Shipped by Leacock & Co
Matthew Clark & Sons, 6&7 Great Tower Street, London March 19th 1889 Letter & price list for Sherries, Ports, Spanish Reds & Clarets

Price Lists

J de Kuyper & Sons-Hollands Geneva January 1892 (Matthew Clark & Sons, Agents) 5 pages
W R Loftus Cordials & Liqueurs
Spackman & Co

Licence's & Shipping Documents

by Bailey & Leetham December 21st 1888 & December 24th 1889 to Herr Otto Cordes, Bahnhof, Pyrmont, Germany
by Steinmetz & Petit, M. Hudig & Pieters Rotterdam, August 23rd 1880
Sichel & Co, Bordeaux March 23rd 1906
Licence's for Joseph Charles Basker 1892, ?, 1899, 1908


From P.B.Burgoyne & Compy,6 Dowgate Hill, London E.C. - Australian Wines 1890, 1891, 1891, 1895, 1900, 1902, 1904, 1907, 1907, 1908, 1908, 1909
W.R.Loftus, -Use of Ullaging and Comparative Rule card
Rouyer, Guillet & Cie- Cognac 10th February 1883
Peter F Heering, Kirsebaer Liqueur, November 1884
Findlater's, London & Oporto- About wine furniture and fine wines 56 pages


Moet & Chandon-two centuries of perfection 1743-1943 (24 pages + cover) 160mm x 130mm
Le Vignoble et le Vin de Champagne (32 pages + cover) 90mm x 200mm
Use of ullaging and comparative rule card 78mm x 115mm
Findlater's London & Oporto- About wine furniture and fine wines (56 pages + cover) 140mm x 208mm
Postcards- 7 No. Champagne (one duplicated)= 8No.
4 No. Bordeaux (four duplicated)= 8No.
1 No. Vendanges de 1928 Beaune, 1 No.Benedictine a, Fecamp
2 No. Montre & Cie Bordeaux, 2 No. Hennessy & Co, Cognac
1 No. W & A Gilbey Franco-British Exhibition 1908

Wine labels

38 No. old wine labels